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25 of the Most Breathtaking Ceremony Spots in National Parks

With the U.S. National Parks celebrating their centennial this year, there’s no better time than now to plan your big day in one of these scenic, jaw-dropping parks. After all, with natural settings like these, you don’t really need much more when it comes to ceremony or venue décor. These spots prove that nature is the most stunning backdrop. Just remember, do your homework on permits and weather first. 

25 Sweet Ideas For a Backyard Wedding

There’s something about a simple affair held in the privacy of one’s yard that is nothing but charming. Intimate and casual, a backyard wedding has the perks of a friendly price point and a familial feel. Already a personal space, the backyard offers endless options to customize your wedding with sweet touches, whether you’re tying the knot on rustic acres or partying on the cozy confines of an elegant lawn. The key to nailing backyard elements? Take a look at the nature that surrounds your setting as your muse — as well as these lovely ideas we’ve rounded up just for you.

50 Photos to Take of Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is the most memorable (and probably the costliest) outfit you'll ever wear. Make the most of those 12+ hours by capturing your chosen style in all its splendor on film! "Talk to your photographer in detail about your wish list and carve out time in the day to shoot these moments. You'd be shocked at how many weddings we see where the bride can't find more than two or three good shots of her gown from the whole day!" says Rebecca Schoneveld, a Brooklyn-based gown designer.

50 Photo Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

'Tis the season of the outdoor wedding. If you’re lusting for Mother Nature this wedding spell, you’re not alone. From rippling lakes and dense woodlands to rolling hills and striking mountain views, we’re in a bit of a tizzy over these stunning settings. Whether you’re throwing a bash in the cozy confines of your backyard or traipsing off to the Alps for a destination affair, you’re sure to find some inspiration in these natural photos. If you’re not considering an outdoor wedding yet, you will be.

Wedding Decorations You Can Reuse as Home Décor After the Big Day

One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is choosing the decorations, but it is also one of the most time consuming parts. You spend months choosing the perfect color scheme and what feels like endless hours crafting the perfect tabletop additions. Don’t leave all of your hard work behind at the wedding; bring it home with you! Not only will your home get a nice refresh after the wedding, but your décor will have sentimental value if you use decorations from your wedding.