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Magical Photos of Parents Seeing Their Daughter As a Bride For the First Time

"First looks" with grooms have surged in popularity in recent years, and now parents are joining in on the fun with their own photo reveals! We asked wedding photographers to share the sweetest moments they've captured on film with moms and dads. From holding back tears (often unsuccessfully) to beaming with pride, their reactions capture the indescribable joy of watching your child blossom into a bride.

50 Must-Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids

Whether they’re your sisters, best friends, or college roommates, your bridesmaids have your back at all times and have been there every step of the way, both during wedding planning and your friendship. It’s only fitting to capture the moments with them by your side while you embark on the next chapter. From the genuine and sentimental to the crazy and fun, you’ll want these shots on your bridesmaid photo shot list. 

100 Inspiring Bridal Shower Ideas

Yes, planning a bridal shower is a labor of love — but remember your guest of honor will cherish this rare opportunity to bond with her "inner circle." Before you dive into the rabbit hole of prettiness that we call Pinterest, take a look at some of our favorite ideas from real-life showers to get you started. We're talking some of the prettiest cakes, most steal-worthy décor, fun-filled activities, and SO much more!