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5 Lessons We Learned After Moving in Together

My fiancé Chris recently sold his home in Sacramento, and we were finally able to move in together! It was great timing because I was getting a bit too comfortable flying solo. I'm 34 years old and an independent gal, and I was loving throwing my shoes wherever I wanted and sprawling out on the bed, but it was time to share. Naturally, I was a little nervous and hoped that our tiny apartment in San Diego could handle both of us and our stuff. Here's what we've learned from our time living together so far.

Ask the Experts: “How Can I Incorporate Multiple Colors in My Wedding Palette?”

Welcome to our latest installment of "Ask the Experts," where our contributor team of wedding planners solves readers' most pressing wedding-planning dilemmas! This week, Stephanie F. Carmody from Trés Chic Events and Ashley Espinal from Dulce Dreams Events weigh in on how to inject color into your big day without going overboard. Do you have a question that you'd like to submit?

This Is the Little Mermaid Wedding of Your Dreams

Real-life hipster Ariel Traci Hines marries Prince Eric in this epically creative and stylish beach wedding shoot inspired by The Little Mermaid. Seriously, from the bride's dip-dyed gown to the tutu-clad bridesmaids — and don't even get me started on the shimmery tablescapes adorned with ocean-themed delicacies — this is the sort of magical big day Disney dreams are made of.

Ask the Experts: “How Do I Get My Disapproving In-Laws to Accept Me?”

Welcome to our second installment of "Ask the Experts," where our contributor team of wedding planners solves readers' most pressing wedding-planning dilemmas! This week, Regina Cialone from Cloud Nove Events and Amber Moltimore from Liz & Lex Events weigh in on a less-than-ideal in-laws situation. Have a question that you'd like to submit? Fill out this form, and we'll do our best to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Q: "My mother-in-law and sister-in-law have never accepted me. They spoke badly about me and tore me down for three years, all the way up to the wedding day. They still won't accept me even though my spouse and I are married. I am tired of the depression and having to prove that I'm a good person to them. They have never gotten to know me and they probably never will. How do I cope with my feelings of rejection, pain and a broken heart? I just want them to like me." — BG reader Corinne

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Regina Answers:

What Getting Engaged REALLY Feels Like

Did you know that 43% of engagements occur between the months of November through January? In honor of Proposal Season, here are 26 universal truths about getting engaged!

1. What you think you'll look like when it happens:

2. What you may actually look like (#fail):

3. Take heart, the end result is the same:

4. The moment he says he wants to spend the rest of his life with you:

5. Instead of elation, you're thinking "Wait, is he just being cute or does this mean....?" (Cue nervous giggles.)

6. Immediately, the suspense becomes unbearable:

7. He's bending down!

8. But you brace yourself in case he's just tying his shoe: