25 Ways to Show Off Your New Name

Looking to personalize your wedding décor? Enter: the monogram. No matter the wedding style, no matter the venue, there’s always a place to display those new letters. Whether you choose to brand your and your spouse’s last initial on the dance floor, a monogram on a napkin, or the first letters of your names in big marquee lights, we really can’t think of a sweeter or more romantic touch. And after looking through these ideas, you won’t be able to either.

25+ Interactive Food Station Ideas

When it comes to your menu, one of the biggest trends right now is to get your guests involved in the process. Interactive food stations allow your guests to customize their fare to fit their preferences, making it all but guaranteed that your guests will be raving about the food at your wedding. From breakfast-themed bars to appetizer stations to dessert buffets, here are some of our favorite ideas.